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How new technologies have been changing the fashion industry, in a good way

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

With the rise of technology, there are many ways that fashion has become more sustainable. While technology can't save us from the effects of climate change, it can help make fashion more sustainable in other ways. Here are some of the most exciting innovations:

- First, we're seeing a lot more sustainability through digital innovation. For example, New body-mapping technology developed in the College of Human Ecology’s Department of Human Centered Design (HCD) could garment design and fit, while helping customers choose the right size for their unique shape. The technology uses a series of images that show how different body shapes affect how clothes fit. It provides visual cues for consumers to help them choose the right size, and it also helps manufacturers improve their designs.

The use of this technology will help us reduce the carbon footprint associated with online shopping and make customers more satisfied.

- Second, there's been an explosion in green fashion products—like recycled fabrics and recycled plastics. Professor Tasha Lewis of Cornell University and her team have discovered several ways to reuse scrap and post-consumer material from clothing manufacturing to reduce waste and improve the lives of those working in the textile industry. This helps reduce waste by recycling old materials into new ones instead of throwing them away!

- And finally, many companies are incorporating green practices into their supply chains so they can cut down on energy consumption right at the source (on the factory floor). If you are interested, listen to this podcast by the McKinsey Global Institute on the sustainability revolution in textiles and the fashion industry with Edwin Keh. It is a must-listen for anyone interested in how fashion companies can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Join Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Week, a Fashion Week that is made of sustainable products, by sustainable activists/designers, and for promoting sustainable fashion in general!

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