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Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Week

Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Week, a Fashion Week that is made of sustainable products, by sustainable activists/designers, and for promoting sustainable fashion in general!

We are a group of people, from millennials to Gen Z, who love fashion and, at the same time, care deeply about our planet. We aim to call all fashion industry professionals to minimize the negative impact on the global environment, community, society, and economy. We believe that fashion can be fun, exciting and innovative while being environmentally-friendly. We are here to bring a new perspective on fashion and a new approach to operating fashion week.

There are three ways that VSFW differenciate its way of operating the fashion week.

First, we will showcase new technologies that are helping form a more sustainable fashion industry. This includes 3D/4D body-mapping technologies, new textile technologies, and innovations in the manufacturing side/supply chain.

Secondly, we will strive to make this whole event sustainable, by using digital instead of paper to communicate, by promoting the use of reusable water bottles and compostable food containers, and by making sure that all products are sustainable/organic.

Last but not least, we require all designers to showcase garments/designs that aligns with sustainability value and help build a greener, more sustainable fashion industry. We also created a sustainability award to encourage designers transition into more sustainable production methods.

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