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The VSFW Awards 2023

Benefits to Winner Designers

$10,000 Grand Award

The winner will be granted $10,000 prize provided by our main sponsor.

Introduced to Companies

Winning designs are introduced to relevant companies. Winners find the opportunity to meet with the industry and businesses, which could lead to the eventual realization of concept or idea-stage designs, or finding new distribution channels for existing products.

Project Assessment

All the participants of the VSFW Award and Competition will receive a detailed score sheet that could be used for to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the projects.

Press Exposure

Extensive coverage in global media ensures that you are renowned worldwide. We provide free services to prepare your press releases to communicate to a worldwide audience .

Increased Sales

Winning designs get enough exposure to increase the sales of products significantly; it is an investment that you can rely on throughout the life of the product. More fame means more business.

Attracts Top Talents

Perfection attracts perfection. The VSFW Award winner companies usually get the opportunity to work with the best talent; highly skilled designers, marketers, and buyers will be applying for jobs to the winning companies.

  What we are looking for in the design?

Street Fashion
Up-cycled Design Concepts/Projects
Use of Recycled Materials
Fair Trade/Labor
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